Public Works Preparing to Work Through the Night with Snow Expected

In anticipation of snow hitting the Willow Grove area, the Upper Moreland Public Works Department has plow trucks ready to go.

The Upper Moreland Public Works Department is preparing for inclement weather and members will stay well past their shift times are over in anticipation of the snow.

The National Weather Service has called for anywhere from three inches to a foot of snow in Montgomery and Bucks counties, and Public Works will have a “pre-standby” to make sure the roads are in good conditions later this evening.

"Basically we’re getting all of our trucks ready,” Upper Moreland Public Works Director John Primus told Patch. “We have about 20 trucks and we’re making sure the plows are ready to go.

“Were going to have pre-standby. We’ll be working all night. We won’t be going home after our normal shifts,” Primus added.

The township has asked residents to move their cars to off-street parking spots. It posted the following information on its web site.

If you cannot move your vehicles to off-street parking spots, please follow the following system to help ensure that plowing and salting covers as much of your street as possible:

  1. Unless your street permits parking on one side only, park vehicles on the "even" or "odd" numbered side of the street depending on the year. For example, in 2000, park cars on the even numbered side of the street, in 2001, parks on the odd numbered side.
  2. And remember, if a snow emergency is declared, all vehicles must be removed from snow emergency routes until the emergency is lifted.

Snow emergencies are announced on KYW-1060 All News Radio as well as cable television channel 60 (ETV-1), Comcast Cable Channel 965, Verizon Channel 41; as well as the Breaking News Section of the Township Website. Street signs are posted on those roads which are designated as snow emergency routes.


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