Recent Health Inspections at Upper Moreland Businesses

A handful of local businesses were paid a visit by the Montgomery County Health Department in September.

The Montgomery County Department of Health conducted inspections of two food-service establishments in Lower Moreland this month.

Click on the inspection report link to read the results for each establishment.

DATE ESTABLISHMENT INSPECTION REPORT Sept. 4 Big Heads Willow Grove 9/4/2012 Sept. 4

Dunkin' Donuts (Easton Rd.)

9/4/2012 Sept. 4 Young's Wings to Go II 9/4/2012 Sept. 6 Willow Grove Moose Lodge 9/6/2012 Sept. 6 Ralph's of Philly 9/6/2012 Sept. 7 Edible Arrangements 9/7/2012 Sept. 7 Subway 9/7/2012 Sept. 7 Honey Baked Ham 9/7/2012 Sept. 10 Bertucci's Brick Over Pizza 9/10/2012 Sept. 10 Luther Park 9/10/2012 Sept. 11 Flori's Gourmet Cafe 9/11/2012 Sept. 11 Merenda Italian Specialties 
9/11/2012 Sept. 11 Garden Spring Center 9/11/2012 Sept. 11 OOKA Restaurant 9/11/2012 Sept. 12 In and Out Food Store 9/12/2012 Sept. 17 Emiliano's Pizza 9/17/2012 Sept. 17 Willow Lake Retirement Residence 9/17/2012 Sept. 18 Wilg Ginger Asia Cuisine 9/18/2012 Sept. 20 Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy 9/20/2012 Sept. 20 Sunoco 9/20/2012 Sept. 25 Mia's Asian Diner 9/25/2012 Sept. 25 Walmart 9/25/2012
MoW September 27, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Sorry to be so negative, but is this the ONLY "news" you can find in Upper Moreland?


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