All Polling Locations Open in Upper Moreland

Polling places will be open tomorrow despite power issues throughout the township.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has affected many things nationally, but also at the local level. Some businesses and residents are still dealing with power issues a week after the storm hit.

But for the Presidential Election in Upper Moreland, all polling places will be open Tuesday and are currently operating with electricity. The township has said each location will run as it normally has in years past.

If you are unsure of where to vote, here are the following locations in Upper Moreland:

Ward 1

  • Districts 1 & 2 - Willow Grove Bible Church, Division & Everett Avenues

Ward 2

  • District 1 - Blair Mill Inn, Blair Mill Rd. & Moreland Ave. (Fountain Room)
  • District 2 - Blair Mill Inn, Blair Mill Rd. & Moreland Ave.

Ward 3

  • Districts 1 & 2 - Eastern Center for Arts & Technology, 3075 Terwood Road

Ward 4

  • District 1 - Upper Moreland Township Building, 117 Park Ave.
  • District 2 - First Presbyterian Church, Easton & Barrett Roads

Ward 5

  • District 1 - U.M. School District Admin. Bldg., Terwood Rd., (Board Room)
  • District 2 - Fulmor Heights Community Building, Fitch Road

Ward 6

  • Districts 1 & 2 - Upper Moreland High School, Terwood Road

Ward 7

  • District 1 - Upper Moreland Intermediate School, 2935 Byberry Road

District 2 - Upper Moreland Middle School, Orangemans Road

- - - 

Not sure what Ward you live in? Click here, or view the PDF file above.


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