Former Methacton Teacher Wants Charges Dismissed

Sean McCullough, former Methacton High School teacher, is seeking a court review to judge if improper relations charges have insufficient evidence.

According to the Mercury, former Methacton High School teacher Sean Michael McCullough, has filed papers in Montgomery County Court for a judge to review charges of an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

McCullough’s lawyer, Stephen Geday claims that statements allegedly given to police are not admissible due to coercion and undue influence, according to the article.   

McCullough is requesting that should insufficient evidence be presented, the charges should be dismissed.

According to a previous Patch article, McCullough was charged with several offenses including :

  • Corruption of Minors
  • Solicitation of Child Pornography
  • Criminal Use of Communication Facility

At the Aug. 29 hearing before District Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar, all charges had been upheld against McCullough.

According to testimony at the hearing, McCullough was alleged to have engaged in sexual activities with a former student, who was a minor at the time. The inappropriate activity alleged against him included interactions through e-mails, Facebook and text messages, as well as physical contact.

The Mercury further reported that prosecutors will likely challenge McCullough’s claims and a hearing has not yet been scheduled for McCullough’s requests.

For the full Mercury article, please visit www.pottsmerc.com


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