Teenage Girl with Syringes Stopped on Byberry Rd.

The following was reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

On Oct. 13, Lower Moreland Police were advised of a possible drunk driver swerving back and forth across Byberry Rd. When police arrived, they found a green Toyota Camry parked on a 45-degree angle across from Parkside Avenue.

The driver, Rachel Johnson, 18, of Doylestown, said she was looking in the mirror from the passenger side of the car. She said it was taped to the side of the car and fell off sometime while she was driving. According to the report, once Johnson exited the car the cop saw her pupils were constricted and she looked so drowsy that the officer thought she was about to fall asleep standing up.

She registered a .00% BAC when tested, but a search of her pocket book revealed several questionable items including:

  • 2 Insulin syringes
  • 3 Blue wax paper packets marked “Yellow Diamond”
  • 1 Small clear baggie with residue
  • Clear bottle cap with brown chunk of unknown substance
  • Driver’s license belonging to another girl

Johnson’s mom picked her up at the station and told police that her daughter had been holding on to the license of one of her friends. Police contacted the girl who’s license Johnson had, and she said she is not her friend and never even heard of Johnson before. The girl said she would testify to this in court.

Appropriate criminal charges are pending lab test results.

ItsJustMe November 21, 2012 at 06:54 PM
The mom is as big of a scumbag for lying for her daughter as the daughter is. Both waste of skins.


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