Community Development Meeting: Willow Crossing, Dunkin' Donuts, More

The Upper Moreland Township Community Development Committee will meet tonight

Committee Meeting Agenda
October 8, 2012
7:00 p.m.


I.        Moment of Silent Meditation

II.       Pledge of Allegiance

III.      Presentations/Announcements

Community Development Committee: 
Joseph A. Lavalle – Chair; Kip McFatridge and Kevin C. Spearing, Members; Paul E. Purtell, Director of Code Enforcement; and John Primus, Director of Public Works. 

I.          Call to Order

II.         Roll Call

III.       Approval of Minutes – September 17, 2012 {minutes will be provided for approval at the next Community Development Committee Meeting on November 19, 2012}

IV. Reports

  • Code Enforcement Department Report – September, 2012, 2011 (attachments)
  1. Public Works Department Report –  September, 2012 (attachments)
  2. Public Works Recycling Report –  September, 2012 (attachments)
  3. Engineer’s Report – October, 2012 (attachment)
  4. Landscape Architect’s Report – October 1, 2012 (attachment)
  5. Traffic Engineer’s Report – October 3, 2012 (attachment)
  6. Upper Moreland School District – Construction/Other Items        

V.  Land Development/Subdivision             

A.  Dunkin Donuts, 2618 Easton Road – proposed revisions to previously approved Land Development Plan {continued to November 19, 2012 CDC Meeting}  

B.  Willow Crossing, 2901 Blair Mill Road, proposed revisions to previously approved Land Development Plan                                                                                                                                                                                       

VI. Old Business    

A.  Township-Wide Stormwater Study {Status of Sub-Committee Meetings and Review}

B.  Draft Resolution requested by the Board of Directors of the Willow Grove Chamber of Commerce that the Board of Commissioners consider adoption of a resolution that supports the redevelopment and revitalization of Willow Grove and recognizes this as a top priority (attachment)

C.  UCC Appeals Board {Recent Case Law Developments} (attachment)

VII. New Business              

VIII. Other Items

IX. Redevelopment

A. Redevelopment Report

  1. URS Monthly Status Report – (attachment)
  2. Upper Moreland Revitalization Task Force {update}                                

B. Old Business        

C. New Business                   

X. Visitor Comments

XI. Commissioner Comments

XII. Adjournment


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