Decision on Wawa Gas Station Coming on Nov. 13

The Board of Commissioners recently agreed to set up a hearing on whether or not to change the township zoning code of Town Center.

The issue over a new Wawa gas station has divided the township and its residents over the last couple of months, but soon enough there will be a decision one way or the other if it will be allowed to be built.

After much deliberating between the township commissioners at Monday's meeting, a hearing date of Nov. 13 was set to determine if the township will change its zoning code to allow construction.

The land that Goodman Properties wishes to build on is currently zoned Town Center and does not allow gas stations. Some Commissioners who are opposed to a new Wawa maintain that by amending the zoning code it could have a negative impact on the township and surrounding businesses.

New projects like this seem to be happening in a lot of surrounding communities. A couple of months ago local residents in Lower Moreland were upset to learn of a Wawa gas station being built at Red Lion Rd. & Philmont Avenue.

After many propsals, presentations and debates, the township zoning code was eventually changed and construction began.

James Goodwin October 04, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Behind the TD Bank, there is construction on a site strikingly familar to Wawa goers - contractors have completed road, added familar looking lights, but not installed gas pumps or even built a Wawa store on the site. Site prep is virtually completed. I drove past and was puzzled why the Wawa was not built even though Lower Moreland greenlighted its construction more than a year ago. Sounds like Township limited the scope of construction on a building permit and let them build on site until "approval" is granted to build the building and the gas pumps. In the same township, they have a historical committee approvaing design of buildings and the historical committee has declined to approve any of Wawa's designs in cahoots with the township so that "traffic issues" can be resolved (already resolved when the project was approved but denizens living in the town bring up traffic issues in an effort to sidetrack Wawa.) Risk for Wawa but enormous risk for the township as well as a court will order the Wawa built without any impediments. Traffic has a way of handling itself - the TD Bank is just fine with the traffic, but not Wawa?
James Goodwin October 04, 2012 at 03:36 PM
We have a Wawa Gas station proposed for construction at County LIne and Newtown Rd and another Wawa on Street and Mearns both located in Warminster TWP. The Street/Mearns location was approved last February 2012 but no construction permits issued yet. County LIne/Newtown approved a couple of months ago. Nov 13th, if Lower Moreland does not approve the zoning change, they will lose a long and expensive, bitter fight in court with Wawa. Wawa is a victim of jealously and discrimination as people do not like their business model of gas and hoagies. Yet, they forget that Wawa does not serve pizza, cheesesteaks, hamburgers like other restaurants do.
James Goodwin October 04, 2012 at 04:18 PM
The ball is in Wawa's hands and they are going to win Nov 13th no matter what traffic issue (totally bull) is thrown. Their construction of infrastructure on the site is already complete and for the township to say no would expose the township to damages in the millions as they have to recoup the value of the construction already invested on the prospective site. Plus, people would talk about a Stalinist type of a government in Lower Moreland that makes decisions to crimp and rstrict someone's ability to improve on their property.
Robert Gross October 04, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Not a good location !!! The area in Downtown Willow Grove is already congested. Their always talking about Willow Grove being revitalized for foot traffic, this is not the type of business for that. The committee is going to have a hard enough time ReVitalizing Downtown since all the store fronts have been turned inward years ago away from the main streets. It looks like a giant warehouse from the street side. The mom and pop stores we used to have on the street side have all vanished along with the VFW and cannon that used to sit on the corner. Why not tell WAWA they can go small scale and use one of the VACANT gas stations that sits on Easton road by the turnpike. But they probably won`t like that because EVERYTHING now has to be MEGA in size for them.
Donald Smith July 14, 2013 at 08:20 AM
Wawa for the most part serves existing traffic, it does not create more traffic, that's a myth. Wawas are very clean and meet a public demand. They are a great company and an asset to the local community. In age of abandoned buildings and bankrupt businesses Wawa should be welcomed with open arms!


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