Democrats Seeking Commissioner Candidates in Upper Moreland

The Democratic Committee is looking for local candidates interested in filling the role as an elected official of Upper Moreland's local government.

The Upper Moreland Democratic Committee is seeking Commissioner Candidates in Wards 1, 3, 5. And 7, as well as Township Treasurer. There are also four vacancies on the school board, which can be filled “at large”, by any Township Resident in any Ward.

Voters should be concerned about the negative long-term impact on Tax Revenue if the planned “Super WAWA” occupies our most valuable downtown real estate, not to mention the impact on traffic and the future development of the town center. Recent issues have included cost overruns in the construction of the Memorial Park Entrance, The slow pace of re-development, the “missing” ½ million dollars and the former tax collector; not to mention two tax increases in the past two years. One party has dominated local politics for 30 or more years. The Democratic party holds a majority of voters in 4 of 7 wards. Now is the time stand up and speak out.

Please contact Chairperson Nick Scull at 215 802-7443 or e-mail at sculldikun@aol.com

- Upper Moreland Democratic Committee


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