Finance, Parks & Rec, Public Health Meeting Agendas

The Upper Moreland Board of Commissioners will meet tonight at 7 p.m. at the Township Building.

The following agenda is posted on the Upper Moreland Township web site:

I. Moment of Silent Meditation
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Presentations/Announcements 

Finance & Administrative Committee:  R. Samuel Valenza – Chair; Donna Parsell and Donald G. Warner, Members; and John Crawford, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Finance 

I.   Call to Order
II.  Roll Call          
III. Approval of Minutes – October 15, 2002                                                

IV.  Reports

A.  Director of Finance – October, 2012 (attachment)
B.  Tax Enforcement Officers – October, 2012 (attachment)
C.  Report from Earned Income Tax Collector (Berkheimer) – October, 2012    D.  Investment Activity Report – October, 2012 (attachment) 

V. Review of Financial Statements

A.  Current Bills Paid (attachment)
B.  Revenue & Expense Summaries – October, 2012 (attachment) 

VI. Other Items

VII. Personnel

A.  Appointments/Reappointments:

1.  Boards & Commissions – Upcoming Expirations (attachment)     

VIII. Old Business 

IX. New Business

A. Approval of a Supplemental Appropriation of $16,000, in the 2012 General Fund budget, for setting up the Emergency Operations Center in the township building

B. Consideration of Application to PA Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) - deadline for submission - December 14, 2012 (attachment)

X. Visitor Comments 

XI. Commissioners Comments 

XII. Adjournment 

Parks & Recreation Committee: Kevin C. Spearing – Chair; R. Samuel Valenza and Kip McFatridge – Members; Patrick T. Stasio, Director of Parks & Recreation Department 

I. Call to Order 

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes – October 15, 2012                                      

IV. Reports

A.  Parks & Recreation Monthly Report – October, 2012 (attachments) 

B.  Report from the Library Board/Library Minutes – October, 2012 (attachments)     

V. Old Business                          

A. Township Newsletter (attachment)

B. Soccer Club Permanent Lights (attachment)

C. Dogs and Memorial Park {verbal update}

D. Request from Historical Society and Friends of N. Boileau Farmstead re Renaming of Boileau Trail (attachments) 

VI. New Business

  1. Request by SEPTA to change routing of Horsham Breeze {Mark Cassel, SEPTA} (attachment)
  2. Use of Fee in Lieu of Escrow Funds in Township Parks
  3. Review of parking lot at Mill Creek Park {Dog Park} (attachment)
  4. Memorial Park Fencing Partnership with SEPTA (attachment)
  5. Upper Moreland Wanderer Bus to Auction

VII.  Other Parks & Recreation Items           

VIII. Visitor Comments 

IX. Commissioner Comments 

X. Adjournment

Public Health & Safety Committee:  Donna Parsell – Chair; Lisa  Romaniello and Joseph A. Lavalle – Members; Alex Levy, Acting Chief of Police; and Robert C. Drennen, Director of Emergency Services/Fire Marshal 

I. Call to Order 

II. Roll Call 

III. Approval of Minutes – October 15, 2012 (attachment)                                               

IV. Departmental Reports

A.  Police Department – October, 2012 (attachment)

B.  Department of Emergency Services – October, 2012 (attachment)

C.  Second Alarmers’ Association & Rescue Squad – October, 2012 (attachment) 

V. Old Business             

  1. Recommendation from Acting Chief Levy for locations to install speed humps (Acting Chief Levy to provide additional information) {continued to January 28, 2013 Public Health & Safety Committee Meeting}
  2. Review of Proposed Live Stop Program in Abington Township (Acting Chief Levy to monitor implementation in Abington Township and advise committee of progress) {continued to January 28, 2013 Public Health &
    Safety Committee Meeting} 

VI. New Business 

  1. Regional Crash Team (attachment) 

VII. Other Items 

VIII. Visitor Comments 

IX. Commissioner Comments 

X. Adjournment


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