School Board Agrees to County Delinquent Tax Plan

Board members gave the OK for the county to collect delinquent taxes at its recent meeting.

The Upper Moreland School Board unanimously passed a resolution at this week’s meeting to allow Montgomery County to collect delinquent taxes beginning in January 2013.

County Commissioners ruled back in September that school districts and municipalities must pay the county 5 percent of all delinquent taxes, regardless of who collects it.

One school board member described the decision as nothing more than a “money grab,” and that it will end up costing the township money that can be put to better use for programs and services.

The School Board President David Hakes said UM received better service from a third party collector in the past and said the recent change is to benefit Montgomery County and its budget situation.

The district will monitor collections once the county takes over. Then the Board will decide whether it’s more cost effective for the county, or pay the 5 percent from a third-party collector. Five percent of the delinquent tax collections rounds out to about $25,000 to $30,000.

Susan Worth-LaManna November 29, 2012 at 01:07 PM
So, why did the Board vote to change if they feel it's not right for the District and could "go back" to another 3rd party collector? And, if you're quoting someone with such a strong negative response to a vote, please give his/her name. We vote our School Board members in, and we want to know what they think! Even though you say this was an unanimous vote, it clearly wasn't a popular one!


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