School Board Draft Agenda Human Resources and Budget and Finance June 12

The Activity Fee will be a topic of discussion at the Budget and Finance committee meeting.


Upper Moreland School Board Human Resources and Budget and Finance committee draft agendas are found below for the June 12 meetings. The meetings will take place at the . 

  • PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL COMMITTEE AGENDAS ARE SUBJECT TO LAST MINUTE CHANGE.  Due to the ongoing changes that occur in the HR Agenda, the items displayed under the Consent Agenda reflect items typically brought before the board on a regular basis.

I.EXECUTIVE SESSION  (Please note:  The Board of Directors will meet in Executive Session prior to the Human Resources Committee Meeting.)




     1.  Termination/Resignation/Furlough
     2.  Leave of Absence
     3.  Notification to Return from Leave
     4.  Recommendation for Employment
     5.  Reassignment/Promotion/Demotion
     6.  Co-curricular Contract


     1.  Termination/Resignation
     2.  Leave of Absence
     3.  Notification to Return from Leave
     4.  Recommendation for Employment
     5.  Reassignment/Promotion/Demotion/Transfer

     1.  Request the following individuals be added to the substitute list:

Motion:  To approve all items in Human Resources consent agenda as presented.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Committee:  Mr. A. Brian Davis, Chairperson
           Mr. Duval Dougherty
           Mr. Daniel Barber



    A. 2011 School District Late Charge, Collection Agency and Attorney Refund

    B. Proposed Activity Fee – There will be opportunities for discussion regarding the recommendations from the Ad Hoc committee.


    A. Revenue Report and Expenditure Report (Treasurer’s Report) for the month of MAY 2012 as presented.

    B. Financial Reports for the month of May 2012 presented:
      1.  Check Reconciliation and List of Payments as presented.
      2.  Cash Flow Statement as presented.
      3.  Outstanding Investments Report as presented.
      4  Scholarship Fund report as presented.
      5.  Student Funds report as presented.
      6.  Fund Raising Report as presented.
      7.  Budget Transfers as presented for JUNE 2012.
      8.  Food Service Financial Statement as presented.
      9.  Facilities Overtime Report as presented.

    C. Request approval for the Final Budget and Homestead Exclusion Resolution for 2012-2013 as presented.  The Final Budget increase is based on the state index of 1.7%.

    D.  Request approval for the Tax Installment Resolution as presented.

    E.  Request approval for the contract for School Media Inc. to handle the placement and maintenance of advertising sponsorships for school advertising.

    F.  Request approval for the Juice and Beverage Award through the joint purchases with the Tri-County Co-op to WAWA in the amount of $32,372.

    G.  Request approval for the Milk and Dairy Award through the joint purchases with the Tri-County Co-op to WAWA in the amount of $84,176.25.

    H.  Request approval for the Bread Award through the joint purchases with Suburban
       Purchasing Group to Morabito in the amount of $45,750.

    I.  Request approval for the Small Equipment Award through the joint purchases with CCIU to Calico Industries in the amount of $1,057.

    J. Request approval for the Disposables Award through the joint purchases with CCIU to the following vendors for an estimated volume of purchased listed:
       X-Pedx - $284.12, T.F. McCall - $504.00, Calico Industries - $2,306.83 and
       Singer - $4,255.90.

    K.  Request approval for the agreement from Keystone Realty Advisors LLC, Property Tax Consulting Services for property tax assessment of real estate parcels with a five (5) year period and with a fee decrease from 30% to 25% of the increase in tax revenue plus expenses incurred (capped at $5,000). A consultant rate is $185.00 per hour plus travel for taxpayer initiated tax appeals.

    L.  Request approval for the contract with Transfinder to provide software to the transportation department  that will provide updates directly from our existing student database eliminating many hours of data entry at an initial fee of $16,995 which would include installation, set up, year of online training and two years of support.

    M.  Request approval for the printing of 2012-2013 School Calendar from GraphiColor in the amount of $4,890.

    N.  Request approval for the contract with addendum with Univest Capital, Inc. to provide the financing for the copier equipment being acquired from Corrigan Manning in the amount of $4,112.40 per month.

    O.  Request approval for the contract for Dolphins Community Aquatics Association to utilize the middle school pool from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015.

    P.  Request approval for the vehicle bid awards as presented in a memo dated 5/22/12.

    Q.  Request approval for the 2012-13 Renewal Proposal for General Liability Insurance with Willis of Pennsylvania, Inc. for Property Package and Auto Premiums in the amount of $236,138.

    R. Request approval for the following contracts for the Middle School Summer Arts Program:
   Kevin Stahl    Instrument Coordinator/Percussion    $2,070.00
   Larry Toft      Brass Instructor           $1,320.00
   Thomas Razzler  Wood Wind Private Instructor  $810.00
   Myanna Harvey   String Instructor          $1,320.00

   Erica Bruner    Show Director               $1,500.00

    S.  Request approval for the estimated Fund Balance designations in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 54 and Board Policy 620.  These estimated amounts are subject to change once the Audit for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2012 is completed.

  Committed    Amount required to balance the 2012/13 budget   $2,450,000
  Committed    Early Retirement Incentive      $   355,000
  Assigned     Self-Funded Insurance   $3,000,000
  Committed    Post Employee Benefits  $   434,865
  Assigned     High School Capital Project     $   322,591

    T.  Request approval for the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit’s Internet and Internet2 Services Contract for a period from 7/1/2012 through 6/30/2013 for RWAN Network Management/Support/NOC services @ $9,750 annually plus an additional $120/month for 40 megabytes of internet ban width.

    U.  Request approval for the proposal from Ferguson & McCann, Inc. to remove and dispose of existing system.  Furnish necessary labor, material, equipment and training for the installation of (1) Petro Vend K-800 Fuel Management System as presented.

    V.  Request to approve moving the Food Service accounts from T.D.Bank to Hatboro Federal Savings and approval to move the Scholarship Fund accounts from First Niagara Bank to Hatboro Federal Savings, to realize better interest rates, effective July 1, 2012.


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