'Steady' Stream of Voters Turn Out This Morning in Upper Moreland

The polls opened at 7 a.m. this morning.

The polls have been open for a little over four hours and polling representatives in Upper Moreland Township have said they've seen "a steady line of voters" all morning.

Local supporters of Thomas Murt, who is representing the 152nd District and running against Ronald Kolla, were seen handing out fliers, free bottles of water and soft pretzels to eager voters who showed up early this morning at the different polling places throughout the township.

There were over 200 votes cast at the Upper Moreland Township Building by 10:30 a.m. At the Upper Moreland School District Building, there were over 300 votes at that same time.

"We are seeing a steady stream all morning so far," one polling volunteer said. "Compared to the last election we've seen a decent number (of voters so far)."

One big issue surrounding this year's election has been about voter ID's. While Pennsylvania voters are not required to show an ID, the election volunteer said it's been an easier process for people who have their ID's handy today.

"The Voter ID's actually have made it easier for us today," she said. "Especially with these long lists, it's easy to find someone and know their name by seeing it on the ID."

How's your voter experience going? Let us know how long of a wait you had.

She did add that she's also heard a few complaints this morning from a few voters about the ID issue, but not many.

In the 2008 election, Upper Moreland Township had a 70.4 percent voter turnout, as just over 14,000 residents came out to the polls (of 18,570).


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