Upper Moreland to Address Flooding Issues Throughout Township

There are 45 locations outlined by the Stormwater Management Sub-Committee that have flooding problems in Upper Moreland.

Compared to surrounding townships, Upper Moreland is a relatively old community. Much of the township was developed prior to the inception of stormwater management ordinance requirements and the innovative stormwater management techniques adopted by other townships.

Because of those issues, there are many areas throughout the township that have flooding problems whenever it rains.  Even when there are minimal amounts of rain, the flooding problems still exist.

Since these negative effects threaten the health, safety and well-being of the community, the Township will hear the Stormwater Management Improvement Plan at the next Community Development meeting on March 11.

The Stormwater Sub-Committee has compiled a list of problem areas throughout the township that can be improved. Some require no cost to improve the land, while others have a substantial cost associated with them.

As of January 1, the Township has accumulated $72,500 in a Stormwater Management fund. The PA Turnpike, Giant Fueling Facility and Miller’s Ale House have provided the donations. Upper Moreland will actively look for other sources of funding for these projects.

The township plans to prioritize problem areas into three categories.

Category 1 Flooding that can result in damage to the homes of Township residents. The frequent flooding in these areas results in property damage directly to houses. Category 2 Flooding that results in damage within the right-of-way of Township owned streets or in some cases PennDOT highways. The floodwaters result in road closures that affect travel patterns of residents and commuters. Category 3 Flooding is mainly contained within the yards of private property, both residential and non-residential. The flooding is generally outside of the public right-of-way and damage to building is not incurred.

So far the township has identified the following properties as a Category 1:

- Davisville Rd. between Terwood & Carson-Simpson (Est. cost: $5,000)
- 2603 Broadway ($10,000)
- Robert Bruce Apartments (N/A)
- Mill & York Road (N/A)
- Warminster Road near Lori & Surrey Lane (N/A)

The highest estimated cost is $2 million for two separate locations. Those areas are Byberry Road near Pioneer Road at Pelleggi Park, and Mason Mills Road between Buttonwood Road and Byberry Road.

In all, Upper Moreland has outlined 45 potential areas for improvement. Specific goals of the presentation include:

  • Identify existing stormwater problems in the Township
  • Develop a rating system for the existing problems in order to prioritize implementation of solutions
  • Identify potential ways to address stormwater management, both for specific stormwater problems as well as improving the stormwater quality and quantity throughout the township
  • Identify potential partnering options to address stormwater management
  • Identify potential funding sources to address stormwater management
  • Identify potential BMP implementation locations throughout the Township and develop a rating system to prioritize implementation
  • Keep major thoroughfares open so all points of the Township can be accessed by the emergency service personnel
  • Compile a list of recommendation steps the Township should take to implement improvements as funding becomes available

The Stormwater Sub-Committee consists of:

Joe Lavalle
Kevin Spearing
John Primus, Public Works Director
Erik Garton, P.E. Township Engineer
Gilmore & Associates, Inc.

Bob February 25, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Require affected homes and businesses to get Federal Flood Insurance.


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