Franklin Institute Show to Perform at Queen of Angels Catholic School

Students at the Queen of Angels Catholic School will watch members from the Franklin Institute put on their "Energy Show" Thursday morning.

As part of Catholic Schools Week, the Queen of Angels Catholic School will be hosting a variety of fun activities for its students.

One of those events will be the Franklin Institute's "Energy Show," which will take place on Thurs., Jan. 31. There will be two assemblies, one for K-3rd grade students, and the second for 4th-8th graders.

The show they're doing, it's kin of like a demonstration," said Queen of Angels board member Mitch Nama. "I picked this one because I thought it was the most appropriate for the age groups we have. I thought it was somewhat timely because they will talk about recycling and different things as well."

Representatives from the Franklin Institute will put on multiple presentations to explain how energy works and to educate the students. Part of the show will include "Good Vibrations" and a "Making Waves" visual demonstration. Students will learn the different aspects of energy such as mechanical, potential, elastic, kinetic, thermal and more.

The Franklin Institute describes its performance as:

The Energy Show will introduce students to the different kinds of energy and demonstrate how we can transform energy from one type to another. We will explore how energy powers everything from the complicated electrical grids to our own bodies. Finally, we will end the show with a power demonstration sure to energize your students.

"It's something fun and educational," Nama said. "The assembly, on Thursday, is their day to celebrate Catholic Schools week."

Queen of Angels will also host other events this week like an Ice Cream Social to end the week.

Mike Moore January 29, 2013 at 05:07 PM
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