Invisible Children Returns to St. David

The youth-led, nonprofit organization comes back to the greater St. David community to help spread awareness about injustice happening in Uganda.

Invisible Children, a youth-led, nonprofit organization travels the country to help bring to light the suffering caused by Africa's longest-running war.

The war, takes place in Uganda between its government and the "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA). It has been reported, since the 1980s, that the LRA have taken many youth civilians and incorporated them into its rebel army.

The Invisible Children teams are mostly made up of college-age youth, and include a native Ugandan to help present their story. One such team visited St. David's school in October.

The St. David Church youth group will host a new Invisible Children team on March 26, at 7 p.m. inside the St. David Upper School building gym, located at 401 N. Easton Road in Willow Grove.

"This presentation promises to be a powerful one that you will not forget," Margie Regan, St. David Church Youth Group director, said in an e-mail.

Regan said that the presentation is recommended for audiences fifth-grade and older, and lasts about an hour.

The presentation itself consists of a video, further explaining the mission of Invisible Children, as well as a personal testimony of the life Ugandan people must live in the face of constant war.

According to the memebrs of the previous Invisible Children team, the idea of the presenations is to show that youth today can have a positive affect on the world around them.

"I hope you will all consider spreading the news about this global issue and make this a part of your Lenten Mission this season," Regan said.


For more information, contact Margie Regan at 215-659-7413 or at at stdavidyouth@comcast.net.

For moreinformation about Invisible Children, visit www.invisiblechildren.com.



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