Tax Increases for Upper Moreland Residents on Preliminary Budget

The Special Action Meeting was held Tuesday night in the Teaching/Learning Center in the Intermediate School.

The Upper Moreland Budget and Finance Committee held a Special Action meeting Tuesday to adopt the preliminary budget that would see an increase in real estate taxes for 2013-14.

The 2013-14 Budget is in the amount of $57,160,250 representing a real estate rate of 27.38 mills, and 1/2 of 1 percent earned income and net profits tax on all residents earning at least $4,000 per year.

For a home assessed by the county at a value of $127,250, homeowners would see an increase of $77.29 on their tax bill.

Assessment 1,454,797,797 Tax Rate 27.38 mills Real Estate Tax $39,832,364

The Millage increase represents a 2.27 percent increase from the previous year. And the Budget Expense will see an 3.37 percent increase.

The Earned Income and Net Profits Tax will be adopted on all residents and inhabitants earning at least $4,000 per year, at a rate of 1 percent for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

The Realty Transfer Tax will be adopted for the 2013-2014 fiscal year with the estimated income to be $450,000.

Upper Moreland Township School District Notice of Act 1 Referendum Exception

A final decision on the budget must be made by July 1.

Here is the full agenda for tonight's meeting:

A. Brian Davis, Chairperson
Daniel Barber
David Hakes


A. Debt Service Proposal for Middle School Energy Project and Facilities Upgrades

B. 2013-2014 Budget Process and the UMSD Timeline for February & March



A. Revenue Report and Expenditure Report for the month of January 2013 as presented.

B. Financial Reports for the month of January 2013 as presented:

  1. Check Reconciliation and List of Payments as presented.
  2. Cash Flow Statement as presented.
  3. Outstanding Investments Report as presented.
  4. Scholarship Fund report as presented.
  5. Student Funds report as presented.
  6. Fund Raising Report as presented.
  7. Budget Transfers as presented for February 2013.
  8. Food Service Financial Statement as presented.
  9. Facilities Overtime Report as presented.

C. Request approval for the following contracts for the Middle School Musical (Funded with Student Funds):

  1. Erica Bruner, Pit Performer, Flute - $350.
  2. Deborah Chrisman, Pit Performer, Clarinet - $350.
  3. John V. D’Ascenzo, Pit Performer, Trumpet - $350.           

D. Approval requested for the Release and Settlement Agreement between the Upper Moreland School District and Settlement Music School as per attached.

MOTION:  To approve all items in the Budget/Finance Consent Agenda as presented.

lorraine sheaffer February 20, 2013 at 03:16 PM
I too. agree with the statments above. If upper moreland wants to take in more money start giving out fines to people in the township who trash there properties , park things in there driveways that don't belong according to the rules and law. Where are law inforcement that we pay for with those taxes. Come down my street and see all of the laws that are being broken." FINE" these people and there wounld be some of the money to keep the taxes down. AND why am I still recycing trash wasn't that suppose to keep my taxes down. So there are more people in our communties who lost jobs , retired and everything is going up. gas,food now real estate taxes.It's Obvious our BUSINESS MANAGERS must be making a great income or they wounld know the pain and seirousness of whats going on in this township.Oh sorry for some of the spelling and grammer. I was educated in Upper Moreland schools.
Nick Scull February 20, 2013 at 05:11 PM
The Upper Moreland Democratic Committee is looking for Commissioner Candidates for Wards 1, 3, 5, and 7. They are four school board positions open that are township wide. Contact Chairperson Nick Scull at 215 802-7443 or e-mail us at UMDEMS@aol.com
Barbara February 20, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Actually, the UM Township financial budget is very lean...the budget vetting process is open to the public and is very transparent. In hindsight, I wish prior boards had the foresight to look ahead and make more financially prudent decisions and be more careful with taxpayer money.
Susan E. Worth LaManna February 21, 2013 at 04:05 AM
Made a comment earlier, but it failed to post. The budget for the township is NOT lean. We still pay a 5000.00 car perk to the township manager and 4800.00 to the Parks and Rec Director for a 14.7 mile perimeter township, rather than use a township car or put in for whatever mileage used. We have done this for years....same Board for the past 45 years...all Republican...same misalignment of funds and lack of real fiscal leadership. We still have antiquated HVAC and unpainted, peeling trim on our Admin Bldg...we spent over 4,000 in January's budget to prosecute the UM resident who lost her job and computer to the cover-up of the late tax collector's mis-handling of funds-- do you know what we lost was not covered by our township insurance carrier because they do not cover issues of fraud/criminal intent/and the like? So, when we didn't do a forensic audit of said computer as required by the Court (see Dec. 21, 2009 special meeting), the resident sued, and taxpayers have been paying on this court case monthly...now that's transparency! So, for all of us in homes assessed at greater than the mean, we'll have a very large tax increase from the township and the school district...
brian shannon February 21, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Pass this web site on: http://www.ptcc.us/arc021913.htm Elimination of property taxes, makes the school boards more responsible to the entire taxpayer base


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