Upper Moreland School District Art Show Returns to High School

Earlier this month the Upper Moreland School District held its annual district-wide art show, showcasing artwork from students in grades Kindergarten - 12.

Earlier this month, many members of the Upper Moreland community came to out to Upper Moreland high school for the annual art show. Students work populated the art show with sculptures and drawings or photos from the high school’s digital photography class.

Artwork, representing students from kindergarten through 12th-grade, covered the high school lobby. The art show in previous years had always been held at the high school, but due to construction the event was moved to the middle school for five years and 2012 marked the return of the district-wide art show at the (UMHS).

According to art teacher , attendance was a concern this year.

“Great night, nice turnout,” Dulsky said. “[I] was a little worried about turnout at first, being this the first time in five years the art show is back at the high school."

Luckily he was worried over nothing as turnout was not a problem for this great event.

The 2012 district-wide art show, which took place May 10, also marked the first year of more by students. What made this art show different than years past is this year more students hard work in the digital photography class at the high school was on display this year. 

Along with digital photographs, portraits and different styles of paintings, students also displayed their work from the high school's the pottery class. These students demonstrated how to use and how to make basic pottery bowls, dishes and creatures.

UMHS students especially took the opportunity to show off their artistic talents.

Junior Agustina Sosa, an art student at the high school, worked the past month on a four-foot-by-two-foot wide self-portrait. She says the hardest part of the piece was drawing the different quills.

The students’ art work are not only recognized by community members, but also by other school district faculty and administrators. Dr. Robert Milrod, superintendent of schools for Upper Moreland, called the art show, “a wonderful opportunity for students to show case their hard work.”

The art show is a long tradition at the high school that each year keeps expanding and growing more and more, year Dr. Michael Bair, a school
district programs specialist, said. He added that the event is amazing and that he was very impressed.

“Each year the students out do themselves,” Bair said.

While much about the art show has changed throughout the years, such as styles of art, paintings and the layout of the show itself, something that has never changed is the teachers’ dedication to their students to produce artwork for the entire community to enjoy.


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