Upper Moreland Students Celebrate Like Pirates

Middle School students at Upper Moreland Intermediate School got dressed up in pirate garb to celebrate this "holiday."

Ahoy, Mateys!” 

Mrs. Chalmers’ third grade landlubbers celebrated international Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 at the Upper Moreland Intermediate School. The students had a whale of day connecting the curriculum to this fun holiday. After listening to Tough Boris by Mem Fox, the students wrote pirate stories and presented them to the class with their best pirate voices. “Aargh! and Shiver Me Timbers!” echoed through the walls of room 224 that day. After their presentations, the little mates used their geography and map skills to go on a treasure hunt. 

They were lucky enough to find a small treasure chest with sparkling gold inside. After counting jewels and doubloons by tens and helping Pirate Petey with his number sense, the students finished the day with some pirate poetry.  With a “Yo ho ho!” the day was over. The third grade lads and lasses weighed anchor and left for the day.


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