The Future of EMS in Montco

Youth in Second Alarmer's Rescue Squad's Venture Crew 380 have the opportunity for first-hand experience in saving lives.

The Venture Crew 380 is one of the most prominent Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Venture Scout groups in the Greater Philadelphia area.

A Venture Scout group is the teenage program of the Boys Scouts of America. In this program, high school-aged coed youth groups work with adult leaders to learn more about their specialized expertise, from Ham Radio operations to police work.

Venture Crew 380 works with the EMS organization the (SARS).

The Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad is one of the largest, nonprofit, EMS providers in Montgomery County, serving from Abington to Whitpain townships and beyond.

According to SARS president, Dr. Bill Crielly, the relationship SARS has with the Boy Scouts dates back to the late 1970s. Crielly said, at that time, Venture Crew was known as the “Explores.”

Crielly, who helped found the original SARS Explorer Post, said that the Venture Crews are completely organized and run by its youth members.

“It’s just something I like doing,” Ryan Garvin, 16, Venutre Crew 380 president, said. “A lot of people in it have just become really good friends of mine, and still are to this day.”

Ryan’s father, Michael “Boz” Garvin, was a longtime paramedic with SARS. He passed away after working a shift at the SARS Whitpain station on Oct. 19, 2008.

Ryan, who joined Venture Crew in 2009, said that he was naturally interested in EMS, and saw Venture Crew 380 as a way to get involved. He has recently become a full member of SARS.

Venture Crew 380 members choose and participate in several EMS-related activities throughout the year, with each activity potentially leading to a life-saving situation. Such activities have included water rescue and CPR training.

“It’s something they could learn, CPR is a certification course,” Colton Marsh, SARS EMT member, said. “Anywhere in healthcare you need to have CPR certification.”

The Venture Scout program is specifically for 14 – 20-year olds, and 13-year-old members, who have finished eighth grade.

A Venture Crew 380 open house at the SARS main station in Upper Moreland was held on Jan. 18. According to Crielly, such open houses are only held periodically when the need arises for new membership, as current members prepare to move on from the crew.


For the full story, please click on the video.


For more information, visit the Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad’s website or the Boy Scout’s of America Cradle of Liberty Council website.

To contact  Venture Squad 380, e-mail venture380@live.com or call 215-659-1885, ext. 380.



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